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To provide the small to medium sized company as well as the individual with a complete personalized solution to their Information Technology (IT) needs, not only for today but also into the future.

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Executive Services Inter-America (ESI-A) has been serving the business and personal communities of San Antonio and South Texas for more than thirty years by keeping abreast of the latest trends and developments of the computer industry.  I am able to evaluate your working environment in order to design and implement an IT solution to make the most efficient use of your business resources.

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Joel GarciaHowdy y'all, please allow me to introduce myself; my name is Joel Garcia, owner of ESI-A.  I was born and raised in Texas into a military family and lived in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Houston, and College Station.  After graduating from Jersey Village High School in the suburban Houston area, I attended Texas A&M University in College Station where I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science with an emphasis in Computer Science.

Following my academic career, I joined my father in his private investigation firm.  I got into computer consulting as a sideline while I was working as a Private Investigator; PC's were just emerging into the market and many of our clients expressed frustration with getting their new computers to work the way they wanted.  It was while working in clients' offices I began setting up and fixing their computers.  That is when I realized there was a market for such a service; so I decided to get certified in hardware and Microsoft operating systems.  After my father passed away in 1993 I gave up private investigations and began full time computer consulting.

My place in the market is aimed at individuals and small businesses that have an IT need on an as needed basis.  I specialize in integrating hardware and software solutions in a network environment; as well as computer help, service, support, and repair.  Give me a call if you would like assistance in designing, implementing, and maintaining your computer systems.


Joel R. Garcia


Remote support via GoToAssist

We have the capability to offer remote support to any PC and Mac, as well as mobile devices running Apple iOS and Android OS connected to the Internet. Using proven technology provided by LogMeIn, the industry leader offering remote access. GoToAssist utilizes the same system of its sister service, GoToMyPC. Secured encrypted connection from end to end insures that your data is never compromised. In fact, the only data that is transmitted during a GoToAssist session is the display screen and keyboard and mouse input.

I can be talking to you on the phone while you watch what I am doing on your computer to fix the problem. I initiate a GoToAssist session; then I will have you go to https://www.fastsupport.com/ and enter a code that I tell you over the phone. If this is the first time to use GoToAssist, a small program will be loaded to handle the connection. Once the session is closed your computer cannot be remotely controlled until you manually start a new session.

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Payment can be made by cash, check, bank draft, credit card, or Apple Pay.

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