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Computer Network cablesWhether you just have two computers, which you would like to be able to share files and printers or need a dedicated server for several workstations; I can set you up with a scalable solution.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks are a cost effective way for the home or small office environment to allow the sharing of files and peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, storage devices, an Internet connection, etc. In the simplest form it can be an ad-hoc connection of two stand-alone computers via a USB cable; or it can be a permanent infrastructure utilizing a network switch over Ethernet. A typical scenario for a P2P network uses a router/network switch to share a single broadband Internet connection with a handful of computers with file and print sharing enabled. Security and scalability are limited with a P2P network but for the home user or small office, it is a practical solution.

Server-Client networks by nature require an investment in infrastructure and are highly scalable. Many small businesses prefer a Server-Client network because of its increased reliability and security. The typical Server-Client network employs the use of a single robust computer running a server operating system with redundant hard disks and power supplies; the client computers or workstations can vary greatly but are usually designed based on what tasks they will perform. Server-Client networks can also have more than one server depending on number of workstation and server tasks. There are many factors to consider when implementing a Server-Client network; primarily how mission critical is your IT system to your business, how many users will be on the network, what is a realistic budget for your needs.

My clients have a need for someone to manage their IT system, but not a great enough need for that position to be a full time employee. A computer consultant fulfils that need and allows you up to concentrate on your business.

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