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What makes ESI-A standout from many other computer consultants?


Personalized Customer Service

Early on in my career I did hire other technicians in order to grow my business.  I abandoned that practice for a handful of reasons; chiefly I know what I can deliver, and I know my customers’ computer systems.

When you call ESI-A, you will always get me, not a different technician each time that may not know the history of what you have and what has been done in the past.  I pride myself on being responsive to my customers in a timely manner and knowing their needs, as well as their computer systems.  That may sound like a simple idea, and it is; but I continue to be surprised how that has gotten lost in today’s business environment where all too often quantity over quality seems to be the norm.

That simple idea has been my guiding principal that has allowed me to form long term relationships with my customers.  Personalized customer service is what you will get with me!

I have often herd in business, there are three people you have to trust, your CPA, your lawyer, and your computer guy.  Trust is the most fundamental foundation of all relationships, personal and business; additionally, trust is gained and maintained through honesty.  I strive to live by the Golden Rule: To treat other people as I would like to be treated. I have lost count of how many times I have advised clients they would be better off to put their money towards a new computer rather than pay me to fix one that is on its last leg.  Would I like to receive the service fee to work on that ailing system?  Of course I would; but that would not be in my customer's best interest.  I sell my service and expertise, not hardware or software.  I can assist you in buying hardware and software, but I do not make a penny on such purchases.

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