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Security is always first and foremost on my mind. It was instilled in me from a young age since I was raised in a law enforcement family; my father was Chief of the CID at Ft. Sam Houston Army Post, my brother is a police officer, my brother-in-law is a Federal Criminal Investigator, my nephew is a Border Patrol Agent, and another brother-in-law is a retired Chief of Police.

Your IT system is vital to your business and I take its security and that of your data very seriously. Unfortunately there are bad people in this world intent on doing harm; that is why it is important to remain vigilant at all times. The best way to do so is to implement best practices within your software environment in order to safeguard your system and data from external treats such as malware and hackers. Along with that follows a plan for disaster recovery whether from malicious attack or an act of God.

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I also service many of my clients' personal computers in their home, which are primarily used by family members. One of the biggest parental responsibilities aside from providing for their children is also to protect them from harm. I do not know any parent that would take their child and drop them off downtown unsupervised; but giving young children unfettered access to the Internet is virtually doing just that! The Internet can be a wealth of knowledge and is an excellent research tool for working on school assignments; but at the same time can be a dangerous place due to the predators and bullies that lurk therein. There are a variety of options that allow parents to help keep their family safe. Along with that, there are tools to help their kids with time management; it is all too easy to become obsessive with social media.  Learning to manage ones time is a valuable asset that transcends just about every aspect throughout ones life. I am not talking about spying on your children but rather limiting the Internet to age-appropriate content and striking a balance of time online with other activities in their lives. Kids being kids need guidance to help them them make good decisions so they can grow up to be responsible adults.


I work with a number of businesses and have seen several software solutions that work very well, I have also seen some that do not. One of the benefits for hiring a computer consultant is to gain from their experience and expertise, which is what I can bring to your business and home.

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The installation and configuration of software from the start can save a lot of headaches as time goes by. Most software packages can be tailored to best suit your application; setting that up the correctly is invaluable.


Regular maintenance is extremely important to keeping an IT system running smoothly; the more complex the system the more critical it becomes. Security loopholes and vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered and patched by software publishers; keeping up with them can be a full time job. Let me keep track of that so you can use your time to concentrate on your business.

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